The Method

Real Sol Wellness is an east meets west approach to wellness. We meet you where you are at, and bring your wellness to you.

Real Sol Wellness is a space that recognizes the miraculous energy essence that lives within you, and promotes a methodically studied wellness system, for your supreme self. 

Commercial Wellness

Providing onsite fitness and wellness services for your residents gives your luxury community a competitive advantage amidst the metropolitan rental market.

Individualized Services

Personal Training and Private Yoga Sessions provide individualized attention on your specific needs, based on your specific goals.

Ayurvedic Nutrition is the mother of all medicine systems & uses preventative philosophies to recognize that all the cells in the body need to be well in order to achieve holistic wellness.

Therapeutics include massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, and fascial blasting.

The Instructors

No one can live off minimum wage. Our company is different because we pay our instructors ethical wages. Our company was built for wellness providers, by wellness providers. We understand what it’s like to run around the city from appointment to appointment, being paid low wages, living month to month, and barely scraping by. Wellness is an important job, and we understand our instructors are providing a valuable service. That’s why we pledge to pay our instructors ethical wages.