1 hr Consultation:


In a one hour consultation, the consultant will reveal your dosha using tradition Ayurvedic techniques, and provide you with:

  • nutrition plan,

  • herbal recommendations,

  • yoga program, and

  • lifestyle protocol.

    In addition, a written overview of the protocol will be provided for you to take home.

4 session package:


Want different results? Invest in a change for you health.

The client will receive four consultations to integrate the Ayurvedic principles and master how to discern the undulations of the preventative lifestyle.

In the first consultation, clients will discover their personal body constitution (DOSHA), receive a custom nutrition and herbal protocol and overview to take home.

In the second consultation, clients will discuss their progress with the consultant and fine tune the protocol based on the progress of the first session.

Each following consultation will support the client with accountability coaching and continue to monitor progress through the preventative Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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